Where to spend your weekend evenings in Copenhagen

It is finally weekend, and you just want to let loose and forget the stress from a tough week of school. But where do you go? Look no further! Here are some ideas for where you can do something fun on your night out.

You like to laugh. Who doesn’t? What’s better to provide smiles and laugher than stand-up comedy? Thankfully, Comedy Zoo in the center of Copenhagen provides just that. With a wide array of comedy shows held on most days of the week, there is something for every kind of humor. In addition to Comedy Zoo, Citizen Bar, likewise located in the center of Copenhagen, also hosts stand-up. They have their usual Cocktail and Comedy Wednesdays, and they regularly host additional comedy shows as well.

It is time to let loose and burn off some steam. How about a game of table tennis? At Dupong in Nørrebro, you can play with friends and make new acquittances over a cheerful game of "around the table". When you need a break, the bar serves both beer and cocktails, so they have something for every taste and budget.

If you want to explore some of the Copenhagen nightlife, Kødbyen in Vesterbro might be the answer to your prayers. It is the old meat packing district which have been turned into a hip collection of restaurants and bars. This also means that a group of friends can buy food and drinks from different restaurants and still enjoy them together. The atmosphere there is quite unique and needs to be experienced.

For beer lovers, Copenhagen is the place to be. At Taphouse in the center of Copenhagen, you can explore a great selection of craft beer. They allow you to get a taste of the beer before buying, so there is no excuse not to go outside your comfort zone, try something new, and perhaps find your new favorite beer. You can also visit Carl's Beer & Eatery in Vesterbro where they have an extensive range of beer on tap and bottle. Enjoy your beer with some of their delicious food in the cozy settings and you are guaranteed to have a joyful evening. Another place to try a number of beer on tap or bottle is at 1420 in Nørrebro. In addition to their wide selection of beer, they also host numerous fun activities such as pub quizzes, beer tastings, and open mic comedy. As a bonus info, all of these activities are in English.

Picture from TapHouse