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Xiquets Copenhagen, Nørrebro

What if we told you that your new favorite free time activity might consist of climbing people? The good news is that everyone can participate in this exciting activity, no matter shape, size, or experience.

ADDRESS: Nørrebro Park Skole. Jagvej 34, 2200 Copenhagen N
EXPECTED PRICE: Free to try, 150 DKK per year for students

The tradition of building human towers originates from the region of Catalonia (Spain) and consists of people climbing on each other to construct these amazing human figures. As weird as it sounds, this rather unique and exciting activity is open for everybody and relies on the philosophy that everyone can participate no matter shape, size, or experience: there’s a spot for everyone!

Xiquets Copenhagen is one of the many existing teams that build human towers worldwide and was founded in 2013. They train every Sunday from 14:45 to 17:00 at Nørrebro Park Skole (Nørrebro). Since the team wants everyone to be able to participate no matter their background, training is conducted in English.

Attending the training and learning the techniques for building human towers is completely free. Only a yearly fee of 150 DKK (for students) is required to become an active member of the team.

To get started, you only need an old shirt, stretchy jeans, and a ‘faixa’ (which can be lent to you at training), which is a sort of black belt that protects your back from the weight.

Everyone can learn to climb, but if you’re one of those people that don’t like heights, there’s also plenty of work for you in the bottom, where there is a base (called ‘pinya’) that sustains the weight of the castle. No matter if you choose climbing or holding, we can guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun and that you’ll be burning a lot of calories without even noticing. You’ll never train alone again!

Even though the activity can seem dangerous at a first glance, there are many safety measures taken to avoid any sort of injury. For example, training happens with a safety net that would eventually catch the people climbing on the top of the tower in case it collapses. The team doesn’t ever overdo themselves and takes everybody's comfort as the first priority.

Still curious about how it feels to be on the top of the world? Visit Xiquets Copenhagen Facebook page, and simply press "attend" to their next training event!

NOTE: Xiquets are planning to resume their training in October in order to make them Covid-19 friendly. Stay tuned to their social media!


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