Trattoria Sud

WEBSITE: | ADDRESS: Fredriksborggade 27| OPENING HOURS: Tuesday-Thursday 16-23 / Friday-Sunday 12-23 | EXPECTED PRICE: $$$ | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Metro/S-tog Nørreport | EXPECTED DURATION: 1-4h | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | WEATHER: Does not matter| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes


Looking for a romantic Italian restaurant in central Copenhagen? Ditch the same old spots you’ve been to hundreds of times before and head to Nørreport where Trattoria Sud offers a unique experience with sweep-you-off-your-feet excellent food and wine. Near Nørreport station, a few blocks closer to the lakes, you'll find this little South European oasis. Get away from the high pace of the big-city and visit this small family-run restaurant to calm down and pretend being a few latitudes further south.

The athmosphere

In daylight, it might not look like anything particular, but as soon as the sun goes down and the guests start rolling in, the atmosphere transforms into something completely different. A quite small, softly lit dining room surrounded by natural tones of wood and leather together with floor to ceiling windows which overlooks the street gives this restaurant a really homely feel.

Flaming candles set the lightning, which in combination with the Italian music, sometimes voiced by the staff themselves in terms of one excellent singer and guitar player, creates the frame for the ambience. The atmosphere is familiar and inclusive, at the same time as it retains the sense of exclusivity - perfect for a date or a more intimate dinner with friends or family.


The menus draw inspiration from the Italian kitchen, offering anything from delicious pastas to veal steaks in accordance with their more rustic style. The supply might seem somewhat modest, but there is no doubt anyone will be able to find a suitable dish. Trattoria Sud gives the opportunity to choose between three different “three-course menus”, either with meat or vegetarian alternatives. The first course is tapas inspired, served on a wooden board, offering about five small dishes to share between everyone around the table. However, the second course will be the one of your own choice. Strong culinary traditions are highlighted at their website, which really shapes the dining experience. Furthermore, the final dessert will be the chef's choice. You will not be disappointed about the food, the flavors and ingenuity are beyond incredible.

All waiters and waitresses as well as the chefs are from south Italy, which enhances the Italian experience and ensures the Italian dining experience. Real flavors however are able to be found on the wine list. Ask your waiter about their recommendation - they have great experience and are extremely helpful. In fact, the extraordinary service offered at this restaurant is one of the reasons this is a must-go-to place.

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