Top 4 cycling roads in Copenhagen region



While living in Copenhagen (or Denmark in general), having a bike is an absolute essential. Here, people use bikes to commute to work or school on an everyday basis, but it does not mean that you shouldn’t use it for other purposes as well! For instance, cycling is a great way of burning calories, and lets you actually train while in transit. Sounds great, right? While an easy ride on a flat surface with a pace of 20 km/h allows to burn roughly 300-400 kcal, you also get to admire the beautiful surroundings. In case you think to have been all around the city itself, we are here to propose truly breathtaking alternatives to consider, when in mood for a nice (but exhausting and long) ride. We have personally tested all the roads mentioned in this article, and are liable for your positive experiences.

1. Hejresøen (Heron Lake) – Kalvebod Fælled / Vestamager Loop from Lergravsparken

The first road on our list for the most of its part is situated just by the sea. Therefore, we recommend taking it either during sunny days, or at least in dry and windless ones. It is roughly 56 km of a pleasurable ride with great views on surrounding nature. Since Amager is full of animals (like horses, birds, sheep) and trees, you will have plenty of opportunities to take inspiring Instagram pictures. Depending on your advancement with cycling, the road can be completed with as little as just above 2 hours, as most of its part does not have any crossings or street lights to make you stop.

2. Bellevue Strand Loop from Fuglebakken

For the second proposition, we are moving to the northern part of Copenhagen. In this case, the road also offers a mix of the sea views and some city landscapes. However, it also goes through the forrest. It is important to notice that some of its part may be unpaved, so it is not recommended to take it straight after the rain. It is also a bit longer than the first proposition, as it has around 62 km in length. So, fill your bottle, make some sandwiches and get going!

3. Bellevue Strand – Søllerød Slotsbakke Loop from Nordhavn

Definitely the shortest from our list, partially overlaps with the second position on this list. Nevertheless, it’s a great road when you feel like going outside to clear your mind, but don’t want to get too tired. You can also incorporate a visit to Jægerborg Dyrehave to your tour, which can be a fantastic choice if you would like to take your date for a romantic ride. This 43 km ride can be freely modified as you may decide to go to Skodsborg only and go back to the city center. Have fun and let us know if you liked it as much as we did!

4. Kalvebod Fælled / Vestamager – Skrædderholmen / Bridge Loop from Sjælør

Can the western part of the municipality be beautiful? Sure thing! You will fall in love with this region after completing this 53 km ride. Consider taking it during a warm day during the fall, to appreciate the colorful trees, early afternoon sun and a fresh, cooling breeze. No better place to be. As you can tell, Copenhagen is one of the greatest cities to live in. It so diverse, not only culturally, but also comprises natural phenomena. Sea, sand, trees, animals. Views on views on views. Bike roads ready to be driven all-year around. No time to wait. Clean up your bike, check the tire pressure and go! And don’t forget to tell us how it was. We are really curious to see your pictures.