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The Living Room, København K, Copenhagen

Cozy café and cocktail bar located in the heart of Copenhagen. The place to be both when you are in the mood for coffee and crunchy cookies or when you are looking for the perfect spot to enjoy some tasty cocktails with you friends.

ADDRESS: Larsbjørnsstræde 17 1454 København K
ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Yes, (Copenhagen Central Station) 

As the name indicates, you should feel relaxed, comfy and almost like you are at home when you visit The Living Room. In this retro and lounge-like space, the vibe is all positive and the atmosphere is chill, friendly and welcoming.

The Living Room offers a variety of delicious drinks, hot and cold, as well as organic and homemade foods. If you are thirsty, you can choose between quality coffee made with love by the barista, fresh and fruity juices and smoothies, creamy and cool milkshakes or delicious cocktails. If you are hungry, you can choose between freshly made sandwiches, tasty omelets, and to satisfy your sweet tooth, you should try the Living Room’s specialty: homemade spongy banana bread with chocolate chunks. Also, organic bread, buns and other cakes are fresh out of the oven every single day. Prices are affordable and student friendly indeed. The Living Room is open on all weekdays and as it is located very close to Copenhagen Central Station, you can easily get there with public transport.

The nice staff is happy to help and serve you in the bar which is located on the upper floor. Once you have ordered, feel free to either take a seat by the window if you wish to observe the people strolling down the lovely street of Studiestræde, or you can follow the stairs down to the spacious basement area where multiple comfy couches, low-key lighting and the icing on the cake: a nice and warming fireplace, which creates a lovely atmosphere. One thing is for sure, you can definitely feel the Danish “hygge” shining through when visiting the Living Room.

As you probably know, hygge can be done in multiple ways, which is why the Living Room also can be used as your working or studying space. Cozy settings can ease the work – and why not be comfortable while you are working hard? So if you are bringing your computer and planning on working while visiting The Living Room, you should find a comfortable chair in the basement area and treat yourself with a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee and a crunchy cookie. However, these cozy couches and chairs are also ideal for relaxing and enjoying a couple of well-shaken cocktails with good friends during happy hour where you can get 2 cocktails for only 110 DKK – see that’s a good deal!

The Living Room is definitely worth visiting – you will not be disappointed!


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