Tapas & Wine at Lundgren VIP

WEBSITE: https://lundgren-vip.dk/| ADDRESS: Bagerstræde 6, 1617 København V| EXPECTED PRICE: $$ | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Metrostation Hovedbanegården, København H, 1651, København| EXPECTED DURATION: 2 hours | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: yes | WEATHER: "Not dependent"| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes

This is an informal Tapas restaurant, offering some of the city's bestest wines. The restaurant is old fashioned, and it is a combined store and wine & tapas restaurant. They have 200 different high-quality wines from all over the world. Their concept is that “you only pay for what you pour in the glass” - meaning, you can taste a little bit of all the different wines. All the wines are from small family owned wineries, and are carefully selected by the sommelier Kennerth Lundgren.

If you want to come visit this cozy restaurant on the weekend, make sure to book far in advance, to make sure you get your spot!

If you find a wine that you really like, you can reach out to the staff and buy a couple of bottles with you home. You save 25% of the original price by buying wine straight from the restaurant. Although, if you want to order a larger package of wine, then you can order online through AK Vines Webshop.

Thursdays at Lundgren VIP:

Every Thursday they arrange “ToseTorsdag”, which is a simple wine tasting, where you can taste quality wine with your friends at Vesterbro. The price per person is 250,-

Weekend Jazz & Tapas 199,-

Lundgren VIP offers:

  • Welcome drink

  • Luxury tapas and dessert

  • Jazz music

And of course you can enjoy outstanding wine while listening to Swing Acoustique!

Upcoming dates for weekend jazz and tapas:

Sunday september 26th (14:00)

Saturday October 2nd (13:00)

Sunday October 31st (14:00)

Saturday November 6th (13:00)

Sunday November 28th (14:00)

Saturday December 4th (13:00)

Further, you can also buy a coffee or a sandwich for a homeless person. This concept is called Suspended Coffee, and involves that you buy a suspended coffee (15 kr), or a suspended sandwich (30 kr) - and receive a card that will be given to a homeless person, who can come and pick up the donation :) Suspended coffee and sandwiches are served everyday between 11:30 - 12:30!