Ssam - Korean Restaurant

WEBSITE:| ADDRESS: Colbjørnsensgade 7, 1652 København V| OPENING HOURS: Monday - Friday 16:00-23:00, Saturday 12:00-23:30, Sunday 17:00-22:00 | EXPECTED PRICE: 100-190 | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Walking distance from Central Station| EXPECTED DURATION: 1-2 hours | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: yes | WEATHER: "Not dependent"| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes

Ssam is a Korean restaurant at Coldbjørnsensgade at Vesterbrogade right next to Central Station. The kitchen offers a large selection of Korean cuisine and fair prices. Their traditional and authentic kitchen is mixed with Nordic traditions and ingredients, which is at first hard to find, but visible as you explore their 2-floor restaurant. Ssam keeps their style clean and simple. Just like in Korea, food is meant to be shared, so cutlery and glasses are stacked together on each table as you walk in.

Koreans are after all very social people, and you recognize a lot of those traits in their eating and drinking culture. Traditionally when ordering a main dish in Korea, the waiters will bombard your table with free side dishes before your main dish arrives. The sides are mainly kimchi, onions, mushrooms, and other delicious and fermented treats. You always get more than you can eat, and that is why you bring your friends to help you out! At Ssam you can buy the exact same side as in Korea, but they are not free.

Ssam is also famous for their Korean Fried Chicken, which they make in three different variants: sweet & spicy, soy & ginger and mayonnaise with black fermented garlic. Try going for their makgeolli which is an alcoholic beverage of bubbly rice wine served in a large teapot. At first it tastes like a twist of kids champagne with a milky texture, but it packs a punch. Koreans have a cascade of gastronomic gimmicks and special traditions when eating food.

You must cover the glass with your hand when drinking from small glasses. You must not pour yourself up, you receive with both hands if an older person pours you something - and you NEVER drink alone, but toast. Korea is also the country where people drink the most per capita in the world. Therefore, they have also invented the concept of Anju.

Anju is a Korean term meaning to eat food and drink alcohol. That alcohol may very well be a glass of soju. You may have never heard of Soju, but it's the world's best-selling spirit. It is a distilled vodka-like Korean alcohol based on rice, which due to its slightly sweet and pure taste is enjoyed with food. At Ssam you can get soju in its characteristic green bottled form, but you also get various of Ssam’s soju mixed cocktails with different sweet flavors.