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Spa and wellness in øbro-hallen, Østerbro

Treat yourself with a spa day for a student-friendly price. Experience the relaxation and wellness of Øbro Kurbad where you can try everything from saunas to foot therapy to bubble baths.

Note: Temporarily closed due to Covid19

ADDRESS: Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
EXPECTED PRICE: 110 DKK on weekdays and 150 DKK during weekends
ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Yes (Poul Henningsens Plads St)

Øbro-Hallen is Denmark's oldest public swimming pool and it dates back to 1929 - today it's the perfect place to combine swimming with relaxation. Entrance to the swimming are is included in a spa ticket, so you can start with some exercise and then enjoy some relaxation or jus have a dedicated spa day with friends, family, a date or yourself - the choice is yours!

When buying a ticket to Øbro Kurbad you will get access a special dressing room where you will have your own dressingcabin that can be locked while you are in the spa. The spa area offers different opportunities for relaxations and pampering for all your senses. This includes different saunas, steam baths, bubble baths, and several other therapeutic elements. The staff is very helpfull and will give you a detailed introduction before entering the spa. Also, there er descriptions around the spa area tha introduce the different elements.

It is recommended to bring two towels - one for the spa area and one to try of with afterwards. Øbro-hallen does not offer messages or other treatments, but they do have some private tenants in the house if you want that little extra treat!

Note: To enter the spa area you must be minimum 15 years of age.


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