WEBSITE:| ADDRESS: Gammel Kongevej 152A, 1850 Frederiksberg C| OPENING HOURS: Tuesday 14:00-21:00, Wednesday-Thursday 14:00-18:00, Friday 12:00-19:00, Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00 | EXPECTED PRICE: 149-349DKK, +/- dependent on any upgrades (pearls, coral-beads, etc.) | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Metro M2 or M3 towards either Frederiksberg St. or Frederiksberg Allé and then walk the rest of the way | EXPECTED DURATION: 1-3 hours | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | WEATHER: Not dependent| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes


Smykbar opened in 2020 and is one of the newest additions to Copenhagen’s ‘do-it-yourself’ scene. Smykbar is the perfect activity if you are feeling creative, and want to enjoy a nice experience with friends or family. It combines a cosy café with the opportunity to create a unique piece of jewellery, while sipping on a delicious coffee, homemade lemonade and various snacks.

The concept

Smykbar has two concepts, walk-in jewellery and workshop jewellery.

  • Walk-in jewellery – as the name implies – you can walk right in and create your desired piece of jewellery, whether it be a bracelet, necklace a pair of earrings, or even an anklet. The materials used are top quality, and you can choose between sterling silver and 18ct. gold-plated sterling silver – naturally, everything is nickel-free. You can drop by spontaneously or reserve a table to make sure there is room.

  • With workshop jewellery, an instructor will guide you in different techniques such as a ‘twisting’ technique, which you can use when creating you choice of jewellery. With workshop jewellery, it is possible to choose between a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace, likewise in either sterling silver or 18ct. gold-plated sterling silver, and of course nickel-free. You can attend the workshop alone, or bring along your friends or family to have a unique experience together, however, you need to reserve a spot at the workshops, as there is limited space to ensure the most optimal learning environment of the techniques.


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