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Reffen, Copenhagen

Enjoy the good weather right at the canal with great friends and a bunch of diverse and delicious street food offerings. This is the biggest street food market in town and the go-to place for warm summer days and sunsets.

ADDRESS: Refshalevej 167 Unit A, 1432 København

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While Reffen can primarily be seen as a street food market place, you do not necessarily need to show up with an empty stomach to make your time worthwhile. Especially on warm and sunny summer days the overall area will be packed with all sorts of people. Some come for the exciting range of different cuisines offered by food trucks, some just come for the drinks and yet others come for the vibrant and joyful atmosphere, which this place has to offer. This makes Reffen both a fun and relaxed place for a first date as well as the perfect destination for having a blast with your friends. Thus, no matter what your agenda is, one thing will be guaranteed: a good time (until late at night).

And if you are in for the full experience, you should definitely try out the many diverse street food offerings when strolling around the area. While most dishes will appear quite costly (yes, you are still in Copenhagen), you will always be in for a treat. No matter whether you fancy the Indian, African, Mexican or Danish cuisine, it is unlikely that you will get disappointed by the over 18 nationalities that the place offers. And if you are down for drinks as well, you should try out the exotic and ever-changing craft beer offerings which Mikkeller has on tap. If you are on a tight budget or rather want to spend your money on all the other exciting activities here in Copenhagen, you can, of course, also bring your own food and drinks and sit down by the canal. From here, you have a great view on the western side of the canal, making it a perfect spot to watch the sunset. And when the sun has set, you can watch the lights of the city dancing reflected in the water.

In case you want to soak in the unique Reffen experience even more, check out the website where you find information about upcoming events such as quizzes, concerts and workshops!

There are, however, a few things you have to keep in mind when coming to Reffen: This is an outside place, making the overall experience strongly dependent on good weather conditions. On top of that you should be aware that the area is slightly out of town with no metro station near by. Although you can reach it by bus, taking the bike is usually the preferred option by visitors. And food and drinks taste even better with the feeling of having them deserved after a bike ride to get there, don't they?


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