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Power Yoga Copenhagen, Christianshavn

Heart-warming yoga studio in the heart of Christianshavn, Copenhagen. Relieve stress, make new friends, and take your workout to the next level for a student friendly price.

ADDRESS: Strandgade 36D, 1401 Copenhagen K
EXPECTED PRICE: 399 DKK per month
ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Yes (Christianshavn St.) 

Power Yoga Copenhagen offers a wide selection of yoga styles and all day schedule of classes to fit your needs. There you will find yogis with all levels of experience allowing you to progress naturally and at your own pace. Instead of levels, Power Yoga Copenhagen classifies their classes to ‘No Sweat’, ‘Sweat’ and ‘Pouring Sweat’ to choose how much you are ready to, well… Sweat! The studio is proud to be the only one in Denmark teaching Free-Flow Vinyasa yoga, which was designed in Detroit, USA. It allows you to move in your own tempo and focus your mind on the breathing.

All classes are taught in English and the studio is a hub of people from all around the world. The founder of Power Yoga Copenhagen is a musician and a yoga master Marie-Louise therefore yoga movements are boosted with amazing music. Power Vinyasa is fun, sweaty, and energetic class with the widest variety of music – rap, rock, pop, indie – you name it! If you feel nostalgic to the 90s, Hip Hop flow will make you sweat motivated by the best tracks – everything from gangster rap to old-school RnB. The studio even offers free access to the online yoga videos to practice at home.

Currently all yogis should bring their own mat (it can be purchased at the studio). There is a kitchen and a shower, however, to minimize Covid-19 risk it is advised to change and shower at home. There is a Christianshavn swimming spot nearby for the sweatiest!

Showing up to yoga is the hardest part about it so don’t worry, you don’t have to be ‘good’ at yoga or flexible. Just with a little bit of practice you will be amazed to see how much your body transforms!


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