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NBRO - A Nike related running community, Nørrebro

The largest not-for-profit running community based in Nørrebro. Participate in events, marathons, and claim exciting rewards. Get free T-shirts and energy drinks, all you have to do is run and socialize. Interculturality and inclusion are at the heart of NBRO.

ADDRESS: 2200 Copenhagen N
"You will never run alone"

The running community and its initiatives stem from the urban town named Nørrebro in the city of Copenhagen. NBRO is a byproduct of an emergent campaign initiative “Takecph” held by Nike, Denmark in 2010 to attract passionate urban runners to the existing Nike’s running community. It all started with 10 members and since then it has transformed into a prodigious club with over 21K followers, out of which around 500 active members meet regularly. Nike sponsors some of the hand-picked members who are passionate about running with free Nike outfits, access to international events, and exclusive discounts.

Interestingly, the community diverges from Nike in its approach and pursues an anarchistic lifestyle led by one of the 10 founding members, Anders Romer. It offers a friendly and informal environment with no obligations for the participating members. One is free to come and go at their convenience and there are no fixed targets and deadlines when it comes to training. Run, party, and repeat seems to be a systematic routine in this casual and undisciplined running community. The members express their identities as being fashionable, cool, easy-going but at the same time unveiling their potential as good runners which fortifies into the brand community by itself independent of Nike. Whether it is sunny, rainy, or cloudy, all they do is just run. Imagine yourself running and exploring the beautiful city at night with a fun crew. How cool can that be? Does it get any better?

"Run, party, repeat"

Within the community, one shall experience the mob mostly covered with Nike outfits. If you not a big fan of Nike, it might be a big surprise for you. What if I said to you that you are forced to wear Nike outfits to take place in training and events?? Wait... What? Sounds crazy and harsh, isn’t it? Fortunately, notwithstanding the fact that most of the members have a flair for aesthetic Nike apparel, each member is given the freedom to express their real self.

The facets that set NBRO apart from the traditional clubs are its free membership, group training, a running culture that fits well into the lives of young and busy Danes, and a tailored event time frame, planned to meet the expectations of all the target demographics. Additionally, their ability to dynamically respond to the changes in the environment, especially in these times of pandemic crisis through thought leadership and effective communication management underscores one of the main reasons for their success.

What are you still waiting for? Start running now!!!


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