WEBSITE: Minas kaffebar | Facebook | ADDRESS: Nørrebrogade 72, 2200 Copenhagen| OPENING HOURS: 7:30am-10pm on Monday - Thursday; 7:30am-11pm on Friday; 9am-11pm on Saturday; 9am-10pm on Sunday | EXPECTED PRICE: 20 DKK | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Nørrebros Runddel St. (Metro) | EXPECTED DURATION: 1h-5h| SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: yes | WEATHER: not relevant| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: yes


Minas Kaffebar is a small coffee shop, that not only serves as a place to have a coffee and cake, but also turns into a bar at night. This place is especially known for its cheap prices and since everything is priced at 20 DKK, so that especially students love this affordable place. They offer an outside seating area, but is also equipped with several seating options inside, so that one can freely decide based on the current weather status where they want to sit.

Minas Kaffebar also organizes come events that are usually in a party setting and published over their social media channels. Examples of these are their Facebook page (Minas kaffebar | Facebook) and their Instagram account (MINAS (@minaskaffebar) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos). There, customers can find nice pictures of the food and drink options, guests, location, as well as the staff.

Even though Minas Kaffebar is an real insider especially for students, one always manages to find a seat when going there, which sometimes means to sit together with strangers on one table. Language-wise, the staff is capable of speaking both Danish and English and are very welcoming and friendly.