Mad & Kaffe

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Mad & Kaffe

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Frederiksberg, Amagerbro and Vesterbro


The prices for the dishes are between 100-200 kr.

Opening hours:

8-20 or 8:30-21 depending on location



Mad & Kaffe is a restaurant with three locations in Copenhagen. The name translates to ‘Food & Coffee’, and the restaurants are well-known for their build-yourself-brunch, where you can assemble your own brunch by choosing 3, 5, or 7 dishes for a fixed price. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner as well.

The food at Mad & Kaffe is traditionally Danish with a mix of a few other dishes, and the quality of the food is central to the concept. The restaurants use fresh, and often local, produce and the dishes are prepared well and served in a kind, down-to-earth atmosphere. The restaurant serves a good take on the classic, Danish open-faced sandwich ‘smørrebrød’ as well. The menu of the restaurant accommodates vegetarians and vegans, as well as most allergies.

The laid-back vibe of the restaurants makes them ideal for grabbing a bite with friends or family or even with a romantic interest. The coffee at Mad & Kaffe is good enough to be enjoyed by itself, if you are not looking for a meal. Mad & Kaffe also serves homemade juices and iced teas as well as cocktails, wine, and beer at reasonable prices.

On the weekends, the brunch is very popular, and the restaurants do not accept reservations for breakfast and brunch. Therefore, a queue is to be expected, and it is recommended to show up early to get a table.