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La Neta, Nørrebro

Authentic Mexican tortillas, on a budget, in the heart of Nørrebro! Enjoy the traditional Mexican atmosphere and the colorful setting.

ADDRESS: Nørrebrogade 29, 2200 Copenhagen N
SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes, but most tables have only 2-4 seats
ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Yes (Bus stop: Elmegade, Nørrebrogade)

Looking for authentic Mexican food in Copenhagen? You can’t go wrong with La Neta. Here you can enjoy tacos or quesadillas on a corn or flour tortilla, at a decent price and in the very heart of Norrebro. And their lunch deal is fantastic!

La Neta means ‘The Truth’ in Spanish, and the ambiance reflects this. The place itself is cozy, colourful and peppered with small plants and Mexican figurines, and the staff are welcoming and helpful. Most of them speak Spanish in addition to Danish and English, so if you feel like practicing your language skills this is a good place to do so.

You order by the open kitchen before taking a seat at one of the many small tables, a few of which are outside right on the buzzing Norrebrograde. We recommend you order 3-5 tacos, 1-2 tacos grandes or 2-3 quesadillas. Our favourite dish might be the pork, beef and guacamole filled Campechana Taco Grande. But on the vegetarian side of things we couldn’t do without the Veduras quesadilla: carrot, zucchini, onion and pepper. This place knows quesadillas.

Once your delicious tacos are served, you’ll head over to the self-serve salsa table where you can add onion and coriander as well as choose from an impressive assortment of salsas. The hottest one is fire, so tread carefully!

This Mexican gem also provides one of the best lunch deals in town: Everyday between 12:00-15:00 you can enjoy a large taco or quesadilla with spiced rice, friend beans and veggies for only 75 DKK. A range of vegetarian and vegan options apply too.

But that’s not all. During lunch time drinks are on sale too, and with a valid student ID all of the discounts are reduced further by 10%. Talk about student-friendly!

La Neta is a late-night spot too. They boast a well-equipped bar where you can try traditional Mexican drinks or beers from around the world. They got 10 taps of hoppy gold pouring all day long. If the weather allows, we highly recommend trying their Passion Daiquiri whilst taking in the sun on the outdoor bar chairs. And in the evening, if you’ve never had it, this is fantastic place to come try some authentic Mexican mescal. Finally, while the kitchen closes at 22:00 on weekends, beer flows at the bar until midnight, and they’ve even got special deals on pitchers every day after 21:00.

All in all, La Neta is a must-visit for all those that seek delicious Mexican food in Copenhagen. The décor is uplifting, the atmosphere wonderful, the food delicious and the deals impressive. That’s ‘The Truth’.


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