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Kødbyen, Meat Packing District, Copenhagen

Originally Copenhagen's meat packing industry - now the vibrant home for cool restaurants and nightclubs side by side with local butchers. Whether you want to grab a cup of coffee or dine with wine, this is the place!

ADDRESS: Flæsketorvet, 1650 Copenhagen
ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Yes (Copenhagen Central Station)

If you are looking for a place to eat with friends or just enjoy some drinks, this is the place to be. Kødbyen offers a vibrant and creative atmosphere with space for everyone no matter if you are a local or an exchange student staying in Copenhagen. Being the old meatpacking industry in Copenhagen, the place has its charms and still consists of original and industrial vibes. Alongside with its central location, the place has become a go-to destination for a colorful nightlife and cultural offerings.

On warm and sunny days, Kødbyen will be full of people having a blast outside side by side with the parking lot. It is informal and relaxed, but trust us when we say that it does not mean that food and drinks are less good. Here, you will find many seats where you easily can enjoy your food and drinks from various restaurants. And there is something for everyone. If you are into Italian specialties, you can enjoy a gourmet pizza at Mother - a restaurant buzzing with life both inside as well as outside at the sidewalk serving. And if you are in for seafood, you can enjoy fresh and delicious food with good wine at Kødbyens Fiskebar. The atmosphere is informal and rustic; however, you will not be disappointed!

To get the full experience, we highly recommend that you walk around the area to see all the different places gathered in one place. In Kødbyen you can also find exquisite art in the many galleries, so why not enjoy a coffee from the skilled barista, Prolog Coffee Bar, while strolling around the galleries? However, if you are in for a night out, there are several places to visit in the evening. Kødbyen houses both bodegas and nightclubs. You should visit Mesteren & Lærlingen for the real bodega experience, as this is one of the oldest butcher bodegas in Kødbyen. But are you into the most likely opposite, we recommend Noho, which is a social dining place where you can find delicious cocktails and a large dance floor. Indeed, Kødbyen houses it all!

Kødbyen is easy to reach with a 10-minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station. And if you are up for cocktails and beers, it is just as easy to reach by bike!

For more information on which places to visit and upcoming events in Kødbyen, check out the website.

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