Kayak Bar

WEBSITE: https://kayakbar.dk/| ADDRESS: Børskaj 12 1221 København K| OPENING HOURS: Mon - Wed: 11:00 - 00:00, Thu - Fri: 11:00 - 01:00, Sat: 10:00-01:00, Sun 10:00 - 22:00 | EXPECTED PRICE: 55DKK (a beer) | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: yes (metro Gammel Strand)| EXPECTED DURATION: varies | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: yes | WEATHER: Not dependent| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes

As the name suggests, Kayak Bar is about kayaks and beers but it also has a lot more to offer. Dinner, brunch, concerts, sightseeing, yoga etc. You name it, Kayak bar has it. Kayak Bar is a living room for all of Copenhagen where people and opinions meet in a loving environment. Contributing to the environment and cultural life are at the heart of Kayak Bar.


Kayak Bar is centrally located by Slotholmskanalen. midway between Børsen, Denmarks National Bank and Christiansborg. It is easily reachable by all means of transportation. The waterfront location even allows people to come by boat, and on a warm summer day, the dock is often packed with all kinds of watercraft.


What sets Kayak Bar apart from other bars are the Kayaks. Kayak Bar offers many activities related to Kayaking, customers can for example rent a kayak, take a course on kayaking, and attend guided tours. Kayak Bar also offers special green kayaks which are equipped with a trash can. These Kayaks are meant to be used to collect trash from the water. The rent for these green kayaks is waived if it is returned with a full trash can.

Restaurant and bar

The environmental friendliness is evident in other ways too. For example, the seats are built out of recycled euro pallets and the cutlery, straws and cups are made out of degradable plastic and cardboard.

Kayak Bar is also a good place to get drinks or food even if you don’t fancy kayaking. The menu consists of burgers, seafood and smørrebrød. Kayak Bar also offers coffee, cocktails, wine, and beers. Kayak Bar aims to keep its prices at a reasonable level to cater better for its diverse customer base.

Events and activities

Kayak Bar hosts concerts and events of all kinds. Music genres in the concerts range from jazz and indie to rap and electronic music. Artists range from small local artists to larger foreign bands. Other events and activities include for example yoga, cold-water swimming, cooking courses, record releases and even weddings. Many of the events and activities are offered free of charge.