WEBSITE: https://www.kasaisushi.dk/| ADDRESS: Amagerbrogade 175 2300 København S |OPENING HOURS: Monday-Thursday 14:00-22:00, Friday-Saturday 12:00-23:00, Sunday 12:00-22:00|EXPECTED PRICE: 198 DKK - 238 DKK | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Yes, bike and public transports| EXPECTED DURATION: Depends | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | WEATHER: "Not dependent"| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes

Kasai Sushi is a perfect place for dining offering a wide variety of all meals that are prepared in the open kitchen. The restaurant has an all-you-can-eat buffet - a good choice for those who want to taste many offerings and explore the full menu as all meals are made in small portions. The selection of meals is very wide-ranging from different kinds of sushi, gyozas, variety of meat or chicken sticks as well as seafood selection such as sashimi, shrimps, fried salmon, mussels, and more. The menu also includes veggie sticks, miso soup, spring rolls, and sushi with vegetables therefore it is suitable for vegetarians. If you choose a buffet option, the offer also follows with free of charge coffee and ice cream of the day after the main meals.

Kasai sushi has a flux of advantages and is perfectly suitable to dine for any size of the group. Whether customers would come alone, with a group of friends, or invite their date, the restaurant will offer a great menu and excellent food quality for a fair price, any time of the year. The restaurant is easily reachable with public transportation or a bicycle.

Good to know:

  • If a customer chooses a buffet offer, the amount of food is unlimited and multiple rounds of orders are allowed.

  • Reservation is recommended, especially for the dinner buffets or larger groups of people. This can be done the same day of the dining by filling in a reservation form on the restaurant's webpage or simply by calling straight to the restaurant.

  • Customers that come to this place for a buffet and order multiple rounds of meals should approach the menu with consciousness as one might order more than be able to eat. To avoid food waste, the restaurant applies additional charges starting from 30dkk if a customer leaves more than 3 pieces on their plate.