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Husets Biograf, City Center, Copenhagen

The best underground cinema in Copenhagen! Whether it’s Sci-fi Sundays, cheesy rom-coms, or the occasional Movie Drink-Along: Husets Biograf offers something for everyone - and should be at the top of every movie enthusiast’s to-do list.

ADDRESS: Rådhusstræde 13, 2 th, 1466 København K | EXPECTED PRICE: 70-100 DKK |


Husets Biograf is Copenhagen’s oldest specialty event cinema that has been a movie lover’s dream since 1973! It is showing a wide selection of non-mainstream movies and hosting unique events, that you cannot find anywhere else. The highly popular Movie Drink-Alongs deliver exactly what they promise – everyone follows a special drinking ritual while watching a great movie. Also, be on the lookout for the occasional Rum-Com event to get the chance of sipping on a rum based drink while watching Richard Gere fall in love with pretty woman Julia Roberts. Sci-fi Sundays feature popular science fiction-based TV or film classics such as “The Twilight Zone” or “Total Recall”. Bad movie fans will also get their money’s worth - Bad Movie Club is THE place for you! Naturally, there is an Oscars Night, where the event is live-streamed and quizzes and tons of coffee are there to keep you awake. Husets also features Kung-Fu Classics, Silent Cinema, Movie Sing-Alongs, and many, many more. Last but not least a very special treat: The cinema shows the audience’s favorite “The Room” at least once a month!

But don’t worry – if you’re not that much into cinema, it’s still definitely worth a visit! Check their schedule with all the upcoming movies and events and be on the lookout for some great classics. Big plus: The tickets are usually cheaper than those for the big blockbusters in the mainstream cinemas – perfect for a student budget!

The atmosphere is very unique and completely different than in a mainstream cinema - Huset’s has charm! The theater itself only has about 50 seats, creating a nice and cozy atmosphere. The venue also features a café where people can meet before and after the movie to talk about everything and anything. You can buy a variety of drinks and, of course, popcorn. Also, you will never get bored again while waiting for the movie to start - there are weird movie posters EVERYWHERE that are just waiting for you to observe them. The staff and the other visitors are usually super friendly – and definitely won’t mind a chat or two about pop culture.

Note that the cinema’s capacity is reduced due to COVID-19 precautions and tickets can only be acquired online in advance. Therefore, be speedy when buying tickets, as many events are quickly sold out! Husets hosts multiple events and movies each week – you can find the current schedule on their Facebook page or on the website linked below.

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