ADDRESS: Multiple locations (visit for more information) | EXPECTED DURATION: Unlimited | EXPECTED PRICE: Free | COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | WEATHER: Very dependent

Paddle your way through Copenhagen waters for free and contribute to fighting waste pollution all in one!

GreenKayak offers free kayak tours through Copenhagen canals and oceanside. The only thing you need to do is to collect trash while paddling in one of the green kayaks and share your experience on social media by using the #greenkayak hashtag.

What is "GreenKayaking"?

Greenkayaking helps solving the problem of plastic pollution in water by providing an opportunity to actively collecting trash while also experiencing Copenhagen from the water level. The activity combines fun with an important issue and makes a visible contribution in making Copenhagen canals and oceanside cleaner.

GreenKayak is offered at multiple different locations in Copenhagen and is easily accessible whether on foot, by bike or public transportation as shown by the provided map on the website. Just follow the five simple steps to book your experience:

  • Step 1: Select country

  • Step 2: Select city

  • Step 3: Select location

  • Step 4: Select date, time slot and the number of people planning on going

  • Step 5: Provide your details and any previous kayak experience

After filling the trash buckets as much as possible at the end of a GreenKayak tour, the staff will weigh the catch and register how much trash has been collected. The NGO has an active community on social media, expanding the global network and engaging as many people as possible in the pollution fight. So don't forget to post your best picture!

Enjoy free GreenKayak tours by posting your experience on social media and using #greenkayak hashtag!

About GreenKayak:

The NGO project began in 2017 in Denmark. Since then greenkayaking has expanded to five European countries where tens of thousands of people have paddled through the harbors, rivers, and lakes and collected more than 42 tons of trash.

The founders believe that greenkayaking is an eye-opener for waste in the water and people become more cautious about handling plastics in their everyday lives:

“Waste in nature is our shared responsibility”.

Are the kayaks safe?

The kayaks are double sit-on-top (2 persons per kayak) which are stable and easy to control, and no previous kayaking experience is required. No matter of previous experience, the GreenKayak instructors will provide guidance on the day of the planned activity. Since the activity is on the water, it is important to be able to swim.

Is any equipment necessary?

No equipment is necessary to participate in the activity and GreenKayak provides with the life jackets on the day of the activity. However, it is advisable to wear sportswear and bring a towel, since there is a possibility of getting wet paddling in the water. In cold weather, GreenKayak offers wetsuits and wind-proof jackets free of charge.

Is it suitable for groups?

The activity is best suited for two people. However, it is possible to kayak alone. For larger group activities up to 18 persons per group, it is possible to divide the group into smaller groups or arrange a cleaning activity from the land side before switching roles. The price for group activities with a guide is then 495 DKK excl. VAT per person.