WEBSITE: | ADDRESS: See website for directions| OPENING HOURS: Monday-Thursday 09-00. Friday and Saturday 09-02 and Sunday from 09 until there is no more guest in the afternoon | EXPECTED PRICE: 200-450 KR. per person | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Walking distance from both bus and metro | EXPECTED DURATION: 2-4 hours | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | WEATHER: Suitable in all weather| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: You can sit outside


Located next to the green biking lane in the heart of buzzing Nørrebro you find the restaurant and bar Friheden. It is not possible to find it by address as the place has none, but it is right next to the skatepark between Hillerødgade and the red square.

A place to bring friends

Swing by any time during the day and order your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Friheden is a place to hang out with friends while enjoying natural wine and reasonably priced drinks. You can be entertained by the activities at the skatepark and watch people on their bikes or strolling by on a sunny day. Outdoor lighting bowls are hanging from the roof of the restaurant and in the trees and the evening, they are lit on which brings a cozy atmosphere.

The Vibe

Inside the tables are arranged in small stalls almost in a 60s diner style which gives them a bit more privacy. The design of the restaurant is fancy but with a relaxed atmosphere which makes it possible to either wear your cocktail dress or your sneakers. It is a perfect place to take your date in the afternoon to enjoy a well-prepared meal and tasty drinks. When the sun sets the lighting inside the bar is low and cozy.

Copenhagen Culture

Friheden is a good place to bring your local friends, but also tourists whom you want to introduce to a Danish bar experience. As a tourist, you haven’t experienced Copenhagen from a local's perspective before you have been to the red square and Nørrebroparken. Friheden is located just in the middle of the two areas and it is a perfect place for you to enjoy lunch before heading off to more Nørrebro adventures.