Football in Copenhagen



Since the magical summer of 2021 at the EURO, a lot of people have become interested in football and would like to experience it in their local area.

There are many ways to enjoy football in Copenhagen. Whether you want to see one of the big teams in Copenhagen or to watch some of the grassroots teams. This article has you covered.

F.C. Copenhagen – Parken

Price: 100-260 DKK

FCK is one of the best teams in Scandinavia, and you can watch the team play in the heart of Copenhagen. Located in Fælledparken, there are no shortages of restaurants and bars around the area, which you can enjoy before or after the game. Transport is easy, with both buses and the metro going through, or just biking to the stadium

Brøndby IF – Brøndby Stadium

Price: 90-295 DKK

Do you want to experience real passion? There might not be a better place to experience it, than in Brøndby Stadium, located right outside of Copenhagen.

If you want to have a compassionate fan fest, then a Brøndby match is right for you.

Fremad Amager – Sundby Idrætspark

Price: 50-80 DKK

If you prefer to take it easy and enjoy your Saturday afternoon in a more quiet atmosphere, you should take a visit to Sundby Indrætspark. A simple football ground where you can enjoy a good sausage and a beverage for a reasonable price and watch the game. Fremad Amager are currently in the second division, which subsequently means that the quality might be a bit lower than a regular Superliga match.

Christiania Sports Club and other amateur clubs

Price: Free

Some say football died when money became a part of it. There is still however a lot of teams in Copenhagen that only play for the love of the game. Take a walk by one of the many football pitches in Copenhagen on a Saturday and you will find many matches that are completely free of charge. Valby, Kløvermarken, Bavnehøj, Nørrebroparken are just a few of the pitches that you can find all around Copenhagen.

Football is everywhere

There are a lot of football teams that are not covered in this article, which may be nearer to you. The point is that you can enjoy football in Copenhagen on various levels in quality and price, where you can find enjoyment on all levels.