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Flyvergrillen, Kastrup

Flyvergrillen is a kiosk located near Copenhagen airport where you can enjoy Danish savoury and sweet food, while watching airplanes taking off. If you are looking for a chill, but fun and alternative day in Copenhagen, this is definitely the place to visit!

ADDRESS: Amager Landevej 290, 2770 Kastrup

Fantastic place if you feel like having an outdoor day, a different experience and at the same time an enjoyable activity watching planes taking off, taxing and sometimes even landing, every five minutes. The sight is stunning since you are literally standing a hundred meters from the highway and you get to see the airplanes very close from you. Furthermore, if you are lucky you will have the chance to spot the Airbus A380, which is the world’s largest passenger airliner.

The Flyvergrillen kiosk also offers a myriad of different types of food and drinks that will accompany you with the spectacular sight of the airplanes. If you are very hungry, you can get a big course with meat and potatoes. If your appetite is medium, you can opt for a burger, a pita bread or a sandwich. Or why not to choose from the sweet selection of food that comprises different specialties such as pancakes and waffles - and you will never be disappointed if you choose the delicious soft ice-cream with marvelous toppings. If you are just thirsty, there is beer, soda and coffee. And if you are having a get-together or meet up, Flyvegrillen even offers exclusive pre-ordered sandwiches.

The atmosphere is very cozy, with a wide and open garden which also includes a playground for the kids to enjoy when they are not totally amazed by the big planes taking off. Because of that you do feel a sense of joy that conveys a spark of positiveness even if you are having a stressful period. The staff is awesome, always smiling, kind and keen to help you with anything you need. Very careful to the details and they always make sure that the food that will be delivered to you tastes as good as possible and that your cravings will be pleased.

The location might be a little far from the center. The easiest way to reach it is by taking the bus 250S to Dragør and stopping at Tømmerup (Englandsvej). After that, you need to walk 18 minutes. Yes, it might sound tiresome, but what’s better than a fulfilling meal and a fresh drink after a walk? Trust me, this is something to do at least once in life if you live in Copenhagen and you will not be disappointed!

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