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Escape Room by Midgaard Event, Copenhagen Ø

Escape Room is a challenging and fun way to spend the time with your friends, family or colleagues, by solving puzzles and thinking outside the box, in order to complete the task and get out of the Escape Room.

ADDRESS: Aldersrogade 6A, st., 2100 Copenhagen Ø
ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Yes (Vibenhus Runddel St.)

An escape room is an adventure game, where the participants have to solve a sequence of riddles, puzzles and challenges aided by clues, inventiveness and team work. The goal is to complete the game before the time runs out, hence uncovering the plot or finding the hidden treasure.

Escape Rooms are an amazing activity for friends, families, youth, as well as companies, as it is an effective team building exercise.

There are 3 types of rooms:

· Da Vinci escape room, where you have 60 minutes to collaborate on solving a mystery, and get out of the specially developed rooms;

· Sherlock escape room, where you have 75 minutes to unravel a blackmailing attempt through teamwork and brain exercise

· Outbreak room, where you have 75 minutes to discover the cure and safe the world from a deadly pandemic.

All the rooms are fun and challenging and consisting of physical leads, locks and codes that can help you through the game, and lead you to solving the mystery. In order to get out, you must be creative and think both logically and in the abstract. The solutions demand both teamwork and thinking outside the box! Regardless of whether you are beginners or experienced players, you will have a fun and challenging experience that requires concentration and cunning.

The course of the game:

When you arrive, you are invited into the cozy lounge, where you can sit back and enjoy some beverages and snacks. A Gamemaster will then join you and introduce you to the story, explain the rules to you and answer any questions you may have – after which you will be let into the room. Via specially developed software and cameras, the Gamemaster monitors your game and helps you, if you need a hint. Your task is to complete the game within the set time limit, but in case you do not complete, you can ask for the correct solutions to any unsolved assignments.

After the game it is possible to celebrate the game with a glass of bubbles and some snacks, where you are welcome to stay and chat and enjoy your shared Escape Room experience.


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