Design Museum Denmark

WEBSITE: | ADDRESS: Bredgade 68, 1260 København| OPENING HOURS: currently closed due to renovation. The museum will reopen in the beginning of 2022 | EXPECTED PRICE: 115DK for adults and free for students | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: yes (metro Marmor Kirken)| EXPECTED DURATION: varies | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: yes | WEATHER: Not dependent| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes

The Design Museum is placed in the heart of Copenhagen, more precisely, at Bredgade 68 1260 Copenhagen K. This location comes with great possibilities for both utilizing the public transport option or bike your way to the museum. It is located near Amalienborg Castle and other attractive tourist attractions. The Design Museum exhibits Danish and international art and industrial design.

Prices and facilities

The entrance price for visiting the museum is 115 kr. for adults and 80 kr. for seniors (65+ years). The museum offers a group discount if you arrive with more than 10 people in a group, the price will in this case be 80 kr. per person. The entrance is completely free for children (0-17 years) as well as students, as long as you bring your student ID with you.

Furthermore, the museum offers free admission to their shop, library, café and their museum garden. If you are planning on visiting the museum frequently, a membership could perhaps be beneficial. The museum offers a membership where you get free access to a year’s culture and design experiences and discount in the café and shop.

Permanent exhibitions

The Design Museum is a self-governing institution and it has had its door opened for visitors since the year 1839.

The museum presents new art exhibitions numerous times during the year. However, you can also expect to see some of the permanent exhibitions, including “the Danish chair”. The exhibition includes several chairs with a Danish design exhibited in boxes on the walls.

One of the other permanent exhibitions is the “Danish Design Now” which presents a rich selection from a wide range of Danish designs. The exhibition includes products, graphic design and furniture. Everything in this exhibition is designed by Danish designers in the 21st century.

The Danish design podcast

The Design Museum has their own podcast where they keep us updated with Danish design. In the podcast, you can expect to hear more about the qualities that makes Danish design unique and issues as sustainability in design is also discussed in the podcast. The podcast is called “Danish design podcast”.

To sum it up, there are various of reasons to why students can benefit of visiting the Design Museum. First of all, the free student entrance is an attractive factor. Furthermore, the Design Museum has several interesting exhibitions and even a podcast for the art encaustics. The location is also excellent as it comes with great transport possibilities. You can either take the bus or metro and walk for a few minutes or take the bicycle if you live in central Copenhagen as well.

At the moment, the Design Museum is closed due to rebuilding but when they re-open in 2022, students can look forward to visiting the Museum and gain a full design and culture experience.