WEBSITE: | ADDRESS: Rantzausgade 36 2200 København| OPENING HOURS: Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 23:00, Saturday: 9:00 - 23:00, Sun 09:00 - 18:00 | EXPECTED PRICE: 79 DKK (a bagel) | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: yes (Nuuks Plads metro)| EXPECTED DURATION: varies | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: yes | WEATHER: Not dependent| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes

Depanneur is French and it translate into a small shop or convenience store. Indeed, the small boutique at Rantzausgade 36 at Nørrebro in Copenhagen captures the essence of a convenience store, but it does so much more.

Your friendly neighbourhood shop

The people behind Depanneur describes the place as a design driven convenience store, bagel bakery and beverage connoisseurs with a love for neighbourhoods and eye-catching products. Indeed, this is what you will experience when visiting the boutique and you will be left with the feeling of having talked to your friendly neighborhood neighbor. Therefore, Depanneur has became a neighbourhood favourite amongst the community, known for it's good vibes and convenient existence.

The bagel is back

Depanneur is at all its best a super nice and cozy café that has specialized in quality beverages and bagels. When you hear the word bagel, some people would perhaps think of it as an outdated food trend, which most of all belongs in a boring shopping center. However, this is not how the people at Depanneur perceive it. They have managed to master the fine arts of making the perfect bagel. Serving it light toasted, with that perfect crunch and with that sky-smooth core. Made with the freshest salmon and creamiest cream cheese known to mankind – the art of serving bagels have been brought to Copenhagen once again.

The convenient store we were all missing

Depanneur has not only added yet another trendy Café and shop to the streets of Copenhagen, but it has also managed to combine it with a convenient store as well. The boutique offers you a variety of fun and luxurious goods and beverages. Whether you are buying a natural wine, office supplies, sunglasses, imported coconut water or simple a kinder milk slice, you can find it hear. More so, the people at Depanneur can fairly be called perfectionist as they have, ever since the opening of the store in 2015, aspired to create their very own products – underlining their passion for this chic boutique.

” Ever since the opening, the aspiration has been to make our own products inspired by the charming randomness of the convenience store shelves.”

This has resulted in verity of own branded products which has led Depanneur to have a fun and diverse catalogue of products clothing, soda, beer, wine, coffee, juice etc. It is fair to assumes that their catalogue will only evolve over time exploring new categories in the future.