Den Sorte Diamant & Det kongelige Bibliotek (The Black Diamant & The Royal Library)

WEBSITE: | ADDRESS: Søren Kierkegaards Pl. 1, 1221 København K| OPENING HOURS: Monday-Friday 09-19, Saturday 09-18, Sunday CLOSED | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: M1, M2 and M3 stops 10 minutes away from the Black Diamand| EXPECTED DURATION: Depends | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | WEATHER: "Not dependent"| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes

Den Sorte Diamant which in English would be translated to The Black Diamond is the decoration of Det Kongelige Bibliotek, which in English can be translated to The Royal Library. The building can be visited and is open for all people, and it is for free. It is not only for people who want to get books and read.

Students can for example have a coffee and a cake in the café, use the building’s facilities to study, read or have meetings or conferences whether it is for business or schools. Moreover, there are continuous exhibitions and concerts, and students get a student price, meaning a discount. There are events like pianists who come and play and also talks about different subjects etc. The Royal Library also offers podcasts about different subjects, which can be found on the website about everything from love letters to MeToo subjects.

Moreover, the Royal Library has a concept called “Students Only!” which is a membership for students to get discounts, special offers, and event invitations. A concrete special event that was made and only for students and was for free, was on 2018 August 28, where the president of France visited The Royal Library to give a talk. Another famous person who visited the library was Hillary Clinton from the United States back in 2012. There are obviously interesting people that students can expect and look forward to meeting at The Royal Library.

Another interesting thing is that there is a shop where one can buy everything from books and posters, and also get information from the staff there if needed. Last but not least, the building has its own history. It is from 1999, and from the outside it can be an experience for students or non-students who love architecture. It was constructed by the architecture company Schmidt Hammer Lassen and has all eight floors. This all means that the Royal Library has a variety of options for students, some totally for free and some for an amount of money. However, the sad thing is that it is closed on Sundays, which could be a good day for students to go in their free time. But it is open on all other week days ("Det Kgl. Bibliotek |", n.d.)