Day trip to our neighbour city Malmö!

ADDRESS: Malmö, Sweden| EXPECTED PRICE: 200 DKK roundtrip train ticket + extra for lunch and snacks + 60/70 DKK for Malmö Castle | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: train from CPH central station | EXPECTED DURATION: 1/2 days| SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: yes| WEATHER: "Highly dependent", "Bring suitable clothes in case of rain" |


Daily trip to our neighbour city Malmö! Have you visited the city and want to see something different? Or simply do you want a change of scenario? Join us in a small get-away to Malmö!

If you haven’t heard of Malmö before, let me tell you something about it!

Malmö is the third-largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm and Gothenburg. It is connected to Copenhagen through the Øresund Bridge - the largest bridge and tunnel in Europe - and it can be reached by train in less than 40 minutes.

What can be better for a change of scenery and a relaxing and fun day spent travelling with amazing people? But let’s go with order and let’s see all the main attractions Malmö has to offer!

Malmöhus Castle Our first stop should be the Renaissance-style Malmöhus castle. It was initially built as a fortress during the Danish civil war, but over the year it lost its importance as a fortress and was used first as a prison and ultimately as a shelter for homeless citizens. Nowadays it hosts the City Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Art and the Tropicarium aquarium. It’s a good starting point for our small trip especially if you are passionate about history, indeed here you can learn how the town went from being considered Danish to being a Swedish town.

Slottsträdgården and Kungsparken Walking nearby the castle you can enjoy a lot of green areas, indeed you can find Slottsträdgården, well-known for its windmill, and Kungsparken. Two of the main parks are located one near the other and separated just by a small river. Once here we will take advantage of these beautiful green areas, chill and have a picnic/lunch break!

Gamla Staden and Sankt Petri Chruch After a well-deserved break, we will head to Malmö’s old town, Gamla Staden. Here we can walk around and be charmed by the colourful and historical West - Gamla Väster - a perfect spot if you love photos or if you want to take creative photos with your new friends.

Walking across the old town you will notice for sure how the Danish presence influenced the architecture, and it will become even more evident when you reach St Peter’s Church.

Other must-see points of interest are the three main squares of the Old Town: Lilla Torg, Stortoget and Gustav Adolf Torg.

Stortorget - also known as “Big Square” - is the main square, here you can admire the City Town Hall, King Karl X Gustav equestrian statue - a famous statue of the king that brought Malmö back to Sweden from Denmark. Moreover, it is possible to admire some of the city’s landmarks such as the elements still remaining from the old times like the painted commercials.

Lilla Torg - or “Little Square” - is a tiny square famous for its 1590s look and full of bars and restaurants where it is recommended to enjoy a small afternoon break or stop for a coffee if you want!

Gustav Adolf Tor - or simply Gustav square - it’s the second-largest and the one that appears with a more modern look and a perfect stop during the Christmas season as it hosts the Christmas market.

Turning Torso The Turning Torso is one of Malmö’s landmarks and on a sunny and cloud-free day, it can also be seen from Copenhagen looking in the direction of Øresund. It is a residential skyscraper inspired by Calatrava’s “Twisting Torso” and it is the tallest building in Malmö.

Despite it appears different from Copenhagen or Stockholm, Malmö has a lot to offer, and it can be the perfect place for a daily break from the usual routine thanks to its old-style streets, picturesque squares and its surprising spots full of heritage, culture and green areas.

What do you say, are you ready to join us in this small adventure to our neighbour city?