WEBSITE:| ADDRESS: Refshalevej 175 B, 1432 København| OPENING HOURS: Closed Monday & Tuesday | EXPECTED PRICE: 300-5900 DKK | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: bus 2A| EXPECTED DURATION: 1-2 hours | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | WEATHER: "Not dependent"| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes

At CopenHot, people can enjoy a spa experience they have probably never tried before. By offering several different activities, it is either possible to cruise the Copenhagen canals on a spa boat or relax in a fire-heated barrel spa by the harbor.

After having spent enough time in the cold water, a nice, warm sauna awaits the customers inside, which will give them an amazing view of the harbour from the panoramic glass wall. Additionally, the customers can cool off in the ice-cold barrel shower if they get too hot in the 40-degree water. This also helps getting ones circulation going too.

As CopenHot is a place for everyone- friends, family or colleagues- it is the perfect place for every occasion. After a stressful day or week of working, CopenHot offers exceptional and unforgettable experiences of relaxation in the center of Copenhagen. Their concept is New Nordic Wellness - wilderness facilities in an urban setting.

The day spa uses clean sea water and heat with firewood, offering an around wellness feeling. Furthermore, the stationary outdoor Hot Tubs and Panoramic Sauna provide a stunning view of the harbour skyline.

Even though CopenHot's tubs are right out in the open, customers do not have to worry about the weather. Due to every seasons’ own charm as well as the heated water, it will be ensured that no ones gets cold even in the freezing winter months.

CopenHot offers various services for every taste and budget.

As all one needs to bring is a towel and swimwear, CopenHot is the perfect place to go to after a stressful week. It is very convenient as it is very central and it offers a great alternative to an expensive spa trip.