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Comedy Zoo, City Center, Copenhagen

Whether you are into improv comedy, open mics, one-man shows, or even drag-bingo, Comedy Zoo is the place for you! Denmark’s first and biggest comedy club offers great laughs, a cozy atmosphere, and nice drinks right in the middle of Copenhagen.

ADDRESS: Kompagnistræde 19, 1208 København

© Comedy Zoo

At the first and biggest comedy club in Denmark you will find the greatest selection of comedy shows with something to offer for everyone. The diverse shows are held five times a week, and with an ever-changing program, you can go to Comedy Zoo often and still see something new every time you are there. Are you in the mood for an open mic and spotting new comedy talents, or are you feeling more of a one-man show vibe? There’s even a drag-bingo performance from time to time, which is a must-see! Whatever you are into, you are guaranteed comedy at a very high level at the Zoo.

When you arrive at Comedy Zoo you are first met by the café at the corner. After having presented your ticket, you can sit down, grab a bite to eat or order a delicious hot or cold drink. Before going in to watch the show, you can leave your jacket at their free cloakroom, which is especially useful when its colder outside and your jacket takes up more room than usual. Afterwards, you take a few steps forward where you’re greeted by the lovely staff. The staff will guide you to a section, wherein you can choose your seats yourself, or if it’s a very busy night, they may just lead you to specific seats themselves. Once you’re in, you can really feel the cozy atmosphere – which can best be described as hyggelig. Dark walls surround the room covered in old comedy posters, old round chairs accompanied by charming chairs, and a stage in the front of the room – not much higher than where you are sitting.

During the show, the intimate atmosphere really makes for a special experience. Because the space is not too big, you feel more connected to your fellow audience members and the comedian. Oftentimes, the comedian even has a little chat with one or more audience members, which contributed to a great and inclusive vibe.

© Comedy Zoo

It really is the perfect alternative to a bar or café. So grab your friend, brother, mom, or date and take them to Comedy Zoo. Think about it – it’s the optimal place to take your date. You can get a drink, laugh together, avoid awkward silence, talk in the break of the show, and you’ll have something to talk about after the show.

And if all of the above wasn’t enough – Comedy Zoo has a 20% student discount on selected shows, and on everything in the bar. Yes, you read that right – everything! Just be aware that there is a limited amount of student tickets released for selected shows, so you should get your tickets as quick as possible. And don’t forget to bring your student ID card.

Note that most shows are in Danish - so this is a great opportunity to practice your Danish. However, if that’s not your thing, keep an eye on their website, where they sometimes post about shows in English.

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