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Citizen Bar, City Center, Copenhagen K

Cocktails and Comedy in the middle of Copenhagen. The welcoming mood makes Citizen the perfect place for a night out with friends or a date.

ADDRESS: Valkendorfsgade 22, city center, 1151 Copenhagen K
ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT:  Yes (Gammel Strand or Kongens Nytorv St)

Citizen is a cozy bar where you can enjoy delicious cocktails and tap beer, and it is located in the center of Copenhagen. In addition to the nice drinks, Citizen has a scene for comedy where they host shows every Wednesday and additional days depending on their program. Citizen is a small and intimate bar with a friendly atmosphere which constitutes the perfect place to laugh at some stand-up and enjoy tasty and instagrammable drinks. The staff is open and easy-going, so you should not hesitate to ask any questions or chat with them. As Citizen is an indoor activity, it is Danish weather-safe and plans to go there can therefore easily be arranged in advance.

Though some of the standup at Citizen is in Danish, it should be noted that even Danish comedians sometimes have to practice in English for upcoming international shows. In addition, Citizen hosts comedy impro nights completely in English, so even if your “rød grød med fløde” is not on point yet, you can still enjoy some comedy in an easily digestible language.

At Citizen, restrictions to control the spread of COVID-19 are taken very seriously so it is safe to go there. Before a comedy show, the staff hands out optional face masks to guests who wants to feel extra safe. To keep the good mood in spite of covered faces, the masks they hand out are customized with a grinning face on them so everyone can safely laugh with each other. When you arrive to the bar before a show, the staff will check your reservation and show you to your dedicated seat to ensure that everyone can keep a coronavirus safe distance to each other. The staff at Citizen attentive is to the audience so they can remind everyone to follow the guidelines so they can stay safe while enjoying the evening. There is also hand sanitizer available at Citizen to ensure a high level of hygiene.

The tickets for a classical Cocktails and Comedy night on Wednesdays at Citizen include either a tap beer or cocktail of your choice. Depending of your choice of drink, the price for the entrance and a drink is 60 DKK including a beer or 85 DKK including a cocktail. This means that even though Citizen does not offer any student discounts, their prices are quite SU friendly.

Pack your smiles and laughs, and perhaps your personal hand sanitizer, and you will be ready for a joyful night with delicious drinks at Citizen.


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