Bip Bip Bar

In the heart of Nørrebro, just by the Lakes and Dronning Louises Bro, you’ll find one of the more kitch and retro spaces in Copenhagen.

gly classic Nørrebro façade of the spot subtly hides the unique and quirky interior of Bip Bip Bar.

Bip Bip Bar is found on Fælledvej, just off Nørrebrogade, the heart of Nørrebro’s different shops, restaurants and culture. The space embodies the diverse and interesting nature of the city’s bars and activities. A common characteristic of CPH bars is their uniqueness. There is an almost playful approach to the understanding of what bars and nightlife is supposed to be – Bip Bip Bar is no different. The approach resembles the likes of Boule Bar’s petanque games downtown as well as Camping’s minigolf range in the Meatpacking District, where you too can delve into the nostalgic games and activities of your childhood.

Bip Bip Bar is not just a bar. Thematically, it plays on the characteristics of 80’s arcades and the nostalgic feel of both the games that are found there as well as pop culture in general. In a world where videogames have become a billion dollar industry, Bip Bip Bar takes you back to the roots of video- and arcade games on a n

ostalgic trip to a time where games on consoles and beefed up gaming PCs with wide screen 4K resolution were just a distant look into the future. Rather you enter an 8-bit world of colour, tactile buttons and closed-circuit scoreboards.


The bar

The theme is widely present, not just in the activities and the décor, but also in the menu and drinks. PACMAN, Link, Oswald, Mario and Kirby are all videogame characters… and drink items! When you go to the bar at Bip Bip Bar you are thrust into a colourful whirlwind of alcoholic drinks, beer and videogame characters and -expressions. These tributes to the original videogame characters that are embodied in these drinks are structured in levels on the menu. As you are spending the night playing and levelling up, you might want to level up and take some risk, expanding your horizon on the menu as well. You may even reach ‘Fatality’ drinking the boss, ‘Bloody Mario’, at level 3.

The list of beer is an expression of the diverse selection found around Copenhagen. You may be content drinking a classic pilsner but you are, just as with the drinks, able to level up to more interesting and local alternatives such as Brooklyn IPAs, Guiness or Mikkeller.


The arcade

The arcade contains a plethora of different retro arcade games, carefully curated by the staff of the establishment. The staff at Bip Bip Bar are constantly on the lookout for new games to add to their collection. No game is ever truly gone, as they keep a magnificent storage of amazing games but you can be sure to find classics and all around amazing games.

So what is you favourite game? Do you love hunting ghosts with a big-mouthed wheel of cheese? Or is dodging barrels more your jam? You may even want to go for a more analogue experience and play the pinball machine. No matter what your favourite game is or whether you want to experience one of the old games for the first time, the hunt for the highscore is just as diverse as you want it. Bip Bip Bar offers the chance to play Donkey Kong, PAC-MAN, pinball, Sonic, Streetfighter, Robotron and Tekken – just to name a ‘few’. They’ve even made it easy for you.

To play, you buy a playcard at the bar and add credits to it. At each arcade you can scan this card, which then grants you a play – simple, effective and straight to the fun. Whether you are a lone ranger or rather prefer a tag team effort, the choice is yours – you can play both single- and multiplayer games.

It is easy to take note of rules, guides and (importantly) how to register your highscore. You may also want to freshen up your lingo or the layout of the machines – all that and more is possible at


Prices and booking

At Bip Bip Bar it is possible to either pay per play by using a playcard or paying per the hour in what Bip Bip Bar calls ‘Free Play’. If you pay per play, arcades cost 2 kroner per play and the pinball machines cost 4 kroner per play. You can also host private events outside of opening hours. Read more about booking and all the prices at