WEBSITE:| ADDRESS: Otto Busses Vej 45, 2450 Kbh SV| OPENING HOURS: Depending on visit | EXPECTED PRICE: Varies | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: 10 min walk from Carlsberg st. | EXPECTED DURATION: 1-4 hour(s) | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: YES | WEATHER: Preferable in good weather| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes


In the middle of Copenhagen, you will find the green oasis, “Banegaarden”. Between old train tracks and nature are nine wooden barns from 1909, which, previous has been abandoned. Today, the nine wooden barns frames the courtyard which is the beating heart of the Café and restaurant.

Banegaarden spans 15.000 square meters of nature consisting of two gardens, where you can experience wild bees and chickens.


The secret of Banegaarden is sustainability. Every item you will see out there has been reused from all over Denmark. The refrigerator is donated from the company Novozymes, the greenhouses are from the Botanic Garden.

This project was not capable without the support from Søren Ejlersen and Thomas Harttung. You may have heard about these two innovative men. They are the co-founders of the company Aarstiderne. Among these two men, you will also find Janne Axelsen and Thomas Nordahl.

Banegaarden is an innovative initiative, with the goal to take sustainability to the next level. The initiative is a message to the people. “We want to inspire our guests to leave the world in a better state than we received it – through enthusiasm, experiences and innovative communities.” (Banegaarden, 2021) Instead of demolishing the wooden barns, the old barns have become the foundation of Banegaarden.

When visiting

When visiting Banegaarden, you need to visit the carefully selected food stalls. Here, you will find street food from every corner of the world and enjoy the food in the courtyard. Every food stall delivers food of high quality and with organic ingredients.

If you are looking for something other than street food you can find the restaurant Lade 609. The restaurant is inspired by the Nordic kitchen. The food experience takes you out into the Nordic forests and are based on seasonal organic ingredients.

The time often stand still when you are visiting this place. You can come for a quick cup of coffee or you can spend an evening in the peaceful environment, surrounded by nature.