BAN GAW - Thai Restaurant

WEBSITE:| ADDRESS: Halmtorvet 44, 1700 København| OPENING HOURS: 12.00-24.00 | EXPECTED PRICE: 150-200 kr. | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Metro, bus or train to Hovedbanegården and 10 minuts walk | EXPECTED DURATION: 2-3 hours | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | WEATHER: Not dependent| COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes

This authentic thai restaurant serves a wide range of traditional dishes including 14 curry dishes ranging from spicy green curries till a less spicy masaman curry. They also serve most of their dishes in a vegetarian edition with tofu. The food is prepared by Thai chefs which speaks to the authenticy of the place.

Some of their dishes can only be bought and seen on the menu card in the restaurant like traditional thai fish meatballs.

The prices of the restaurant is a bit higher than your typical student food with most of their mains ranging from 150 till 170 kr. however it is definitely worth it.

If you can’t say that you have a special favorite Thai dish, it is recommended that you come in a group, since the dishes are served so that they are easy to share and with so many delicious things on the menu who can choose just one.

For drinks they sell both Chang or Singa beer just as if you were in Thailand. But a must try treat is their Thai iced tea with condensed milk, there are not many places in Denmark where they serve this drink, which really is a petty, since its sweet flavor leaves you wanting more.

The restaurant was awarded as one of the best thai restaurants in Denmark by Thai select and Scandinavian Standard in 2020. Ban Gaw is open everyday of the week from 12-22. It is possible to get take-away either directly from their website or through Wolt.