Bakken on a sunny day

WEBSITE:| ADDRESS: Dyrehavevej 62, 2930 Klampenborg | OPENING HOURS: Varies based on dates, see calendar here | EXPECTED PRICE: 0 - 279 kroner | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Yes, easy access | EXPECTED DURATION: Half to a whole day | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | WEATHER: Dependent - some rides may close due to weather | COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes


With 32 rides, an array of game stalls and activities, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors and entertainment all in the middle of a gorgeous park with trails, horse-carriage rides and even deer, Bakken (also named Dyehavsbakken) is an experience that can’t be missed. This amusementpark is the oldest in the world, and is a direct train-ride from the centre of Copenhagen. Entrance is always free, and cashprices for rides are reduced on Wednesdays.

In the park “Dyrehaven” north of Copenhagen, you find the oldest amusement park in the world: Bakken. While this place is usually marketed towards families, it is also the perfect place to visit if you’re new to Copenhagen or need something fun to do without breaking the bank. The budget for a visit to Bakken is up to you!

For the full experience, you can buy tickets to try the rides and visit the renowned restaurants or relax at one of the many pubs and bars with a beer. But if you’re taking the trip on a budget, you can still soak in the lights and enchanting atmosphere and enjoy some of the free performances without spending a dime.

You can end the day with a lovely, relaxing walk in the surrounding park - the perfect location for a picnic in the summer, or watching the leaves turn colour in autumn.

The Rides & The Wooden Rollercoaster

The rides at Bakken include rollercoasters, carousels, radio cars, water slides, Ferris wheels and other thrill rides. The most popular and well-known ride is the Old Rollercoaster. It’s built of wood and was completed in 1932. It’s more than 800 meters long and reaches speeds of 75 km/h. If you like the wind in your hair and high speed with a nice view of the park, this is the ride for you.

When to visit

Bakken has limited opening dates, so make sure to check their official website as the dates may change. The amusement park is most known for its summer-season from March until September. But in the autumn-break in October you can also visit Bakken for a limited time experience of a harvest festival and Halloween.

As Christmas draws near, Bakken opens again on weekends from November till December. You should consider bringing your date and kiss them under the highest mistletoe in Denmark, view the Christmas lights or explore the cozy Christmas market.


  • Economic options

If you want a more mixed experience of a few rides and trying your luck in the game stalls, a Fun Card contains coupons that are not personal, and can be shared amongst a group. It holds 44 coupons for 199 kroner. It’s the optimal choice for a group on a budget, so you can split the cost and try out your faves.

You can also choose to use cash or creditcard (the latter is accepted in most, but not all attractions). If you visit on Wednesdays, the cash prices are reduced. But this is only a good option if you plan to try small rides or stalls. Bigger rides will quickly add up, in which case the wristband becomes the most economic option.

  • The full experience

If you buy a wristband, which gives unlimited access to all rides (OBS! Maximum 10 times per ride), you can save money by doing so ahead of time. If you buy the wristband online a week or more before the intended visit-date, it costs 50 kroner less. For the students who love cold beer, if you book a Bakken beertour, you get your own exclusive tasting-glass, a beer-tasting and tour of nine cozy pubs (OBS! Must be 18 or above).

Read more on Bakkens own website, to check the prices and offers that best apply to you. Remember, entrance is always free.


Getting to Bakken is easy! Take the S-train line C or the Øresund train to Klampenborg station, and from there it is only a short walk to the amusement park. Follow the signs and enjoy the fresh air.

There is also a big parking-lot right at the entrance of the park if you want to travel by car – but be aware that the parking is not free, and you will have to pay at the parking meters upon arrival.

There are no options to pay as you leave the parking lot by car, so make sure you do so before hand, either when you arrive at the park or when you leave. It is a flat fee for the day.

Thank you for the visit sign Bakken