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20A, Nørrebro

Whether you want to have a drink and a snack or a full meal and a bottle of wine – 20A has got you covered with delicious food, good wine and great prices.

ADDRESS: Ravnsborggade 20A, 2200 København N | EXPECTED PRICE: Approx. 150 DKK | EXPECTED DURATION: 2h | COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Yes | SUITABLE FOR GROUPS: Yes | ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Yes, bus stop; Ravnsborggade (Nørrebrogade)

A great restaurant with a well-considered concept. At 20A you do not need to spend hours deciding on what you want to eat or drink. There are one first course, two main courses (one with meat and one with fish) and one dessert to choose from. The first course, the fish and the dessert changes once a week, whereas the dish of day (meat) changes each day. Moreover, 20A serves a delicious chacuterie as well a selection of French cheese. 20A is also known for their great selection wines which can be bought both by glass and bottle.

The best thing about 20A is most definitely the great food and drinks. However, their fair prices should also be mentioned. The dish of the day only costs 135 DKK, and does not compromise the quality of the food.

The restaurant opens already at 15:00, which means that in the summertime, you can easily enjoy an afternoon drink at their cozy outdoor area. The atmosphere in general is amazing, and the staff always friendly, accommodating and ready to help you choose the right wine for your meal or explain the dishes for you.

A few years ago 20A started offering take-away. This means that you can take home your favorite food for only 90 DKK (dish of the day). Not only is it a favorable price but the food still tastes amazing.

The only inconvenient feature about 20A is the popularity of the place. Thus, if you want to go there on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday between 18:00 and 20:00, you have to book your table a few days in advance. But this only emphasizes the quality of the place.

The restaurant is placed in the heart of Nørrebro, only a 15 minute walk from Nørreport across beautiful Dronning Louises Bridge. You do not want to miss out on this!

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